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The prices below are a guide and reflect a buttercream covered cake only.

Any decoration, fondant, characters will be charged in addition to the prices below.

As all cakes are so unique, and vary in the time it takes to create, they will be charged on an individual basis.

One Tier Cakes - 3 layers of sponge 

5 Inch round from £60 (up to 16 small servings

6 Inch round from £70 (up to 30 small servings

7 Inch round from £80 (up to 40 small servings)

8 Inch round from £90 (up to 50 small servings

Two Tier Cakes

5 Inch and 7 inch from £120 (Up to 50 small servings)

6 Inch and 8 inch from £140 (Up to 70 small servings) 

7 Inch and 9 inch from £160 (Up to 90 small servings) 

Three Tier Cakes 

Prices start from £200


Box of 6 £18

Box of 12 £34

Each box of cupcakes can only contain one flavour

Wedding Cakes

Please visit my Wedding Cake page 

Cake Pricing : Text
Cake Pricing : Image
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